Dear readers,

The days are getting longer! the days are getting longer!! (Since Montana is kinda far north, our shortest days midwinter are only about 8 hours, which means we get a little nutty when the light at last starts lengthening).

There is much to share this issue, including the results of the survey from the January newsletter - so grab a sip and settle in for a few.

First off, I have a new 'gallery'!! My work is now showing at the Missoula International Airport (MSO)! I have a few "Chapman Classics" there right now, and fresh pieces (including scratchboards) will be coming after the February and March shows. MSO has been showing and selling Harry Koyama paintings, and the marketing manager invited me to do the at last folks who want to see my work locally can do so!

* Does this email look wonky? See the issue online.

Newsbytes / calendar

  • CHARLESTON, SC - Feb 14-17, 2013: SEWE (Southeastern Wildlife Expo) is hard upon us! I have a number of new scratchboards to show, and if you will be at the event, please stop by and greet me! FMI:

  • CANYON, TX - Mar 2-31, 2013: Panhandle Plains Invitational once again kindly invited me back. I'll be sending a brand-new scratchboard to the show; watch the March issue for the image. The sale takes place March 2; FMI: Panhandle Plains.

  • GREAT FALLS, MT - Mar 13-16, 2013: I'll be participating in the Western Masters show as part of the C.M. Russell week, with new paintings and scratchboards. I also have new work (that I'm damn proud of) in the Russell auction - I'll share more in the March issue.

In this issue

  • January survey results!

  • New work!

14 x 18 - scratchboard
Will be showing at SEWE
... I'm rather fond of this piece - I was fascinated by the wild zebras during our 2011 Africa trip.

11 x 14 - scratchboard
Also at SEWE
...scratchboard and zebras go together like gin and tonic - mmm mm!

Tidbits - quotable quotes from YOU, in response to the January survey

"Make sure you laugh at least once a day". (Susan J.)

"Do NOT drink less. If anything, drink more." (Kathy D.)

"Take some time off for yourself to do something on your bucket list AND (this is the important part) don't feel guilty about it!" (Emmy I. ... a friend who knows me all too well)

"What is there to change except coming east to teach a class. So, keep up the good work, keep this newsletter coming and I will enjoy it until my computer dies or I do." (Kathy K.)


January Survey Results

Firstly, my SINCERE thanks to the many readers who responded to the January survey - I was delighted by the number of responses and the thoughtfulness you expressed.

- The image voting -
If your memory is better than mine, you may recall the images from which I asked each of you to select a favorite. For some reason, a great many of you broke the rules and voted for several images, but fortunately, I'm the forgiving type and I recorded all the responses anyway.

<ahem>...the envelope please! and the winners are (in order):

1. "Prowler"
2. (A surprise tie!) "Buffalo Love" and "Competitive"
3. "Coats of Paint"

These 4 images garnered the lion's share of all votes, so the results felt definitive.

- The advice -
I asked each of you what one piece of advice you would give me to further my art career in 2013. The many thoughts that you all expressed ranged widely, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading each one. Here are some tidbits (and if these spur further comments, I'm all ears!):

  • Several readers liked "Prayer", the Native American painting I showed in the November issue, and advised me to do more people and more Native Americans.

  • An artist reader asked that I include more "how to" in my Artzines: how I prepare, create compositions, and so on. Would this be of general interest to non-artist subscribers?

  • One reader asked that I revisit the landscape+wildlife realm. By way of apology, let me say that there are already many superb artists doing great work in that vein, whereas I get my inspiration from color, abstraction, and mystery.

  • "I'd love to see you do some really transparent watercolors." (Sandra S.) - interesting thought...

  • "Paint more large paintings and allow us to watch the process." (Susan S.)

  • "More grizzlies, although bison are my favorite." (Marcie G.)

  • "Discover lost treasures which may lead to a path not fully taken to completion." (Erna W.)

And a final thought: "If you really want to increase your sales you need to paint what the public that buys art, buys." (Steve T.)...

It would be difficult to disagree! However, if I painted only what I thought collectors wanted, I would have stuck to drippy bears. Since I have a low boredom threshold, I gotta keep trying new things. My fondest hope is that as I experiment and grow, enough of you like the results to keep my galleries happy :-).

"Prowler" - #1
...this piece is available (will be at SEWE)

"Competitive" - tied for #2 (Sold)

"Buffalo Love" - tied for #2 (Sold)

"Coats of Paint" - #3
... available at Ann Korologos Gallery

New Work

With the two shows in my immediate future (SEWE in February, Russell / Western Masters in March) I have basically been locked in my studio since late November, working on paintings and scratchboards for both venues. You've already seen the new zebra scratchboards for SEWE (top), but I am very eager to share with you some of my new paintings as well. The scratchboards are having an influence on my paintings, and I'm extremely happy with the results of this cross-fertilization. Watch for more images in March!

30 x 30 - oil on gallery-wrapped canvas

...I haven't decided whether this piece should go to Cheyenne Frontier Days, or to Western Masters (C.M. Russell week). Decisions, decisions!

That's it for February. I hope you have enjoyed this newsletter (and thank you to the many readers who respond after each Artzine, thus giving me good material for the "Footnotes" section :-) - if so, I encourage you to share it with anyone and everyone. I appreciate your help in building a bigger audience for my work!

Warmest regards,
Julie T. Chapman

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